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Hi all, You’ll find here below some infos concerning the front differential oil change on my 993 4S First remove the front plastic panel under the car. When it’s done , this is the view you’ll have:


The fill plug is on the differential’s right side :



Now you’ll need an Allen hex 10mm. The plugs are very tight if the job has never been done before, and the access to the fill plug is quite limited. This why it is highly recommended to remove the fill plug first. In other words, don’t drain the differential before you’re sure you’ll be able to refill it with the new oil! I was able to insert the allen hex without difficulties into the fill plug. But the proximity of the right power axle made it impossible to use the socket. This how I did to have enough force to break the plug:



Fortunately, the plugs had already been fitted with a washer! Then before opening the drain plug, be prepared to recover around 1 liter oil. Here are the plugs. You’ll notice that the magnetic plug had captured some metallic “dust”:


Put the plugs back in place with a new washer.

Refill with 75W-90 syn GL-5. As I said the access is quite limited, and not to spill oil all over the steering, I used a large syringe graciously given by my neighbor who’s a nurse.

Not difficult if the plugs come the easy way. Have fun

JP 5toga)

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